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Performing with:
Rattlesnake Shake - Motley Crue Tribute.
Wanted Man - RATT Tribute
Savage Bliss - 80's Tribute

Past projects: Steel Tear.
Retrospect Recording Artists, Lost City
Dog Mafia/Shock Circus(Las Vegas)
Wreking Crue - Motley Crue Tribute (Detroit)
Savage Bliss - 80's Tribute (Detroit)

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Michael Anthony Hernandez was born in Ogden Utah, on June 20 1964. His first musical influences came by the way of his babysitter Cece Cazier, who took him in at 6 weeks old after a major wind storm had damaged the home in which he and his family were living in. She was responsible for encouraging him to pursue a musical career. She offered to provide musical instruments and lessons, gave him his first microphone, and taught him some of life's most important values, such as truth and honesty. Throughout the years, Mike has kept in touch with Cece. And to this day gives all credits to her and all she has done.